Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lu...Rreals - Track Team (2007)

Lu...Rreals aren't your average kids from Brooklyn. Even though they have a "concious" approach to
Hip-Hop, Translu Brock & Richie Rreals are a very different breed of emcee than Mos Def or Talib
Kweli. They definitely let loose their creativity when they were making this album, and the result is
one of the most vibrant pictures of Brooklyn life I've seen in Hip-Hop. This album is a gem.

1. Crow's Nest
2. Utmost Ft. Cool Calm Pete
3. Moses Fish
4. Holiday Golightly
5. Good Feels
6. Gumption
7. Venus Fly Rap
8. NY Shitty Ft. Illzburry
9. Gogetgood
10. Lady Luck
11. Speakeasy
12. The Playoff
13. Turn Styles...

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Bushdoctor420 said...

this album is fucking ill, can't stop listening

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