Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Apollo Brown - Make Do (2009)

Why have I been sleeping on Apollo Brown? I ask myself this every time I listen to Make Do. Soulful beats, beautiful sampling and perfect loops and arrangement make this one of my favorites of the 2009. Do not sleep on this release even if you aren't a fan of beat tapes.

1. Intro - I Could Fly, Pt. 1
2. Mastermind
3. Another Mourning
4. Block Elements
5. To the Melody, With Love
6. 95 Fahrenheit
7. Apollo's Theme
8. The Monster
9. Got It All
10. Proven Guilty
11. Warm Rain
12. Sweeter Than Wine
13. Grandmother Earth
14. Helpless Dreamer
15. Flashbulbs
16. Cloudy Days
17. Interlude - I Could Fly, Pt. 2
18. The Machine
19. Early Morning
20. Lonely and Incomplete
21. Silent Ovation
22. Black Skies
23. My Plateau
24. Wednesday's Hurt
25. Friday's Child
26. Detroit Nights
27. Wildest Dreams
28. The Heir Show
29. Nosey Kids
30. Bright Black Sky
31. Gold Medal
32. A Faceless Few
33. Come Change
34. Sparkling In the Sand
35. The Door
36. Ups (Dressed In Brown)
37. Outro - I Could Fly, Pt. 3

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Link removed at artist's request.


Apollo Brown said...

What's good bro? I definitely appreciate the love but I have to go ahead and ask if you can take the download link off the site. "Make Do" is getting re-released on a certain label very soon. Thanks in advance homie.


Bushdoctor420 said...

Link taken down, although I must say this was one of the hottest and most downloaded albums we have posted. Hopefully it inspires people to purchase your music.

Please add us to your email and let us know of future projects, you are an amazingly talented artist.

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