Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mood - Doom (1997)

Consisting of production by DJ Hi-Tek and Jahson and lyricism by Donte, Main Flow, and an early Talib Kweli, Mood is a group with a sound that can easily be describes as eerie and ominous, while not sounding like horrorcore hip-hop. This is a must-have for any fans of underground hip-hop (and fans of my other posts). The words spoken are a bit apocalyptic and philosophical, and it might be a downer for some. But personally, I am amazed by this. Topics rapped about include religion/theology, politics, and other controversial topics, yet the way they speak on these things is not in the bash-you-on-the-head style that artists like Immortal Technique use.

This is sacred hip-hop. Do not pass this one up, take my word.

  1. Esoteric Manuscripts
  2. Info for the Streets
  3. He is DJ Hi-Tek
  4. Karm
  5. The Vision
  6. Tunnel Bound
  7. Nuclear Hip-Hop
  8. Another Day
  9. Sacred - Pt.1
  10. Peddlers of Doom
  11. Millenium
  12. Babylon the Great
  13. Peace Infinity
  14. Secrets of the Sand
  15. Illuminated Sunlight
  16. Industry Lies
  17. No Ordinary Brother
  18. Cincinatti


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