Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Grouch - F*ck The Dumb (1998)

To put it bluntly, The Grouch is an emcee and producer from the Bay Area who really know's what's going on in the world. His lyrics are genuine, and most of the songs sound a bit autobiographical. But beside him being so down-to-earth, my favorite part of this piece is the production. On tracks like Another Nut and Bangers, the production is dark and grimy, just the way I like my music. While on other songs, he makes different beats which match his many styles of rapping almost perfectly. And then there are the songs that you have to listen to first to appreciate his knack for producing, like You're Not The One. And then there's Once Upon A Rhyme. Personally, I think this may be his best album, next to Crusader For Justice. If you're a fan of underground hip-hop and you especially enjoy hearing rhymes spoken from the heart, this album is for you.

  1. I'm Here
  2. All Natural
  3. Gibberish
  4. Congestion
  5. Itchin For A
  6. Nothing Changes
  7. Bangers
  8. Till The Endathis
  9. Another Nut
  10. Cool Out Time
  11. Symbolism
  12. (5 Second Space)
  13. You're Not The One
  14. Put It Down
  15. Frustrated
  16. You Don't Know
  17. A Matter A Fact
  18. Drain Me
  19. Once Upon A Rhyme
  20. I Dunno
  21. Over-Evaluation


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