Monday, February 2, 2009

Mac Mall - Illegal Business

1. Crest Side Playah
2. Sic Wit Tis
3. It's All Good
4. I Gots 2 Have It
5. Cold Sweat
6. Nathan But Game
7. Versatile
8. Crack da 40
9. Da Bank Heist
10. Don't Wanna See Me
11. Young N da Game
12. $$ on da Dank
13. My Opinion
14. Illegal Business?
15. Pimp Shit



*I got this link from dubcc's special board because I don't have this album ripped. If there's any problem comment and I'll see what I can do.

Classic Vallejo g-funk album showcasing the development of Khayree's unique, fresh sound. Mac Mall is at his best here *see cold sweat* but that's not the highlight of the album.


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