Friday, February 13, 2009

Yungstar - Throwed Yung Playa

This is Yungstar's (of Wanna Be A Baller fame) first solo album. This is the 2000 Sony distributed version of the album. Originally released independently in 1999, which included two tracks not on this version, one being an 18 minute June 27th freestyle. For the Sony release the tracklist was also reordered with some additional tracks and remixes being added on a 2nd disc. As you can tell by the cover and tracklist this is some bling bling type stuff. Its a great listen while driving and works surprisingly well for the insane amount of features.

Straight Profit Records (2000)

Disc 1:
1. Intro (feat. DenDen)
2. Knockin' Pictures off Da Wall (Produced by Jhaime) (feat. Lil' Flex)
3. Ballin For Position (Produced by Crumb) (feat. C-Nile & Solo-D)
4. Got's 2 Be Everything (Produced by Crazy Sean) (feat. Lil' Flex, Lil' James, DenDen & Solo-D)
5. Yall Don't Know (Produced by E-Man) (feat. C-Nile, DenDen, Trey-D & Lil' James)
6. Grippin' Grain (Produced by Jhaime & D-Head) (feat. Lil' Flex, Kool-Aid, Lil' James, Wood, Slikk Breeze, Lil' Flip & C-Note)
7. We Got Plex (Produced by Bird) (feat. Wood, C-Nile, O.N.E. & Lil' Flex)
8. Keep it Real (Produced by Jhaime) (feat. Deep Threat, Lil' Flex, O.N.E. & Kool-Aid)
9. I'm Still A Baller (Produced by TJ) (feat. T-Pop & Slikk Breeze)
10. Pimping Pens & Blessing Pads (Produced by Crazy Sean) (feat. Dat Boy Grace, Solo-D & E-Clarke)
11. Let's Get It Together (Produced by Jhaime) (feat. Solo-D, T-Pop, Dat Boy Grace, Lil' Flex, Kool-Aid & Slikk Breeze)
12. Parlay & Sippin' (Produced by Al-D) (feat. Dat Boy Grace, Solo-D & Los Luchano)
13. Commercial (Produced by Jhaime & J-Mac) (feat. DenDen & J-Mac)
14. Knockin' Pictures Of Da Wall (Remix) (Produced by Jhaime) (feat. Lil' Flex & Dat Boy Grace)
15. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (Produced by Jhaime & Crumb) (feat. Trey-D, O.N.E., Shorty-D, Lil' Flee, Lil' Flex & Lil' Rod-D)

Disc 2:
1. Who We Are (Produced by Slack) (feat. Dat Boy Grace, Kool-Aid & Trey-D)
2. The 3rd Coast (Produced by Slack) (feat. DenDen, Tantrum, Dat Boy Grace & Solo-D)
3. Blast Off Like A Rocket (Produced by Sean Solo) (feat. Dat Boy Grace, O.N.E. & Juve)
4. Cracks 2 Dats (Produced by Sean Solo) (feat. Dat Boy Grace & Wood)
5. Ballin' (Produced by Sean Solo) (feat. C-Nile, Solo-D & Tantrum)
6. Grippin Grain (Remix) (Produced by Jhaime & D-Head) (feat. Lil' Flex, Lil' James & Wood)
7. Ballin For Position (Produced by Crumb) (feat. C-Nile & Solo-D)




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