Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Myka 9 - 1969 (2009)

1969 is packed with 15 tracks that alternately pay homage to the griots and the jazz greats while putting a modern day street spin on the blueprint; this ain't no half-stepping, gangsta slanging, ringtone bullshucky, instead this is 100% pure uncut dope. In a day and age where Auto Tune, quick fix beats, and superficial rhyme schemes seem to rule the scene, 1969 emerges as that rarest of rap offerings, one that focuses on the craft and rich history of the artform, reminding you that while this is ultimately music of the streets, it has strong ties to gospel, soul, jazz, blues, and most importantly the spoken word. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Myka 9 has dropped one of the best, most expansive, and deeply rooted rap albums to hit the scene in quite some time. This is the real deal teeming with pure griot ingenuity. This is what rap is supposed to sound like. Don't sleep.

1. Real Song
2. Inner Knowing
3. Soul Beat
4. Snake Bite
5. To the Sky
6. Options (feat. Aceyalone)
7. Cadillac Nights
8. Chopper (feat. Busdriver)
9. Elevated
10. Liberty
11. Hand Bone
12. Monte Carlo
13. Good Old Smokey (My Kanine)
14. 91 Octane (feat. Awol One & Gel Roc)
15. 1969




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