Monday, February 16, 2009

Tab and Da Villon - Do or Die (1995)

Tab & Da Villon were a duo signed to Ruthless Records. Do or Die is their only album, as the group was released from Ruthless Records shortly after Eazy-E's death. They have not been heard of since. What you will find on this album is not superb lyrics (the duo were not very lyrical), but the production on this album is just great and unique. The production on this album can be described as mystic and me, anyway. I hope you will enjoy this album but don't hold super high expectations for it.

1. Back In The Day (4:59)
2. Niggas You Been Waitin For (3:04)
3. Take A Puff (6:11)
4. Creepin On That Ass (4:15)
5. Everyday Thang (Mix) (4:03)
6. Why Me (3:42)
7. Always On The Run (3:51)
8. Same O Shit (3:25)
9. Everyday Thang (5:06)
10. Take A Puff (Mix) (6:11)

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