Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mr. Lif - Enter the Colossus (2000)

Enter the Colossus is the Boston's rapper debut EP, Mr. Lif. The only track I've listen to by him was Jedi Mind's Cobra Speech off the Violent by Design album, so you'll probably recognize him from there in case you don't know about him... Well, I must say I'm really glad that I check this EP, and that's what you need to do right now, it's 30 minutes of pure Hip-Hop material, DO NOT SLEEP ON IT!
  1. "DataBlend"- 3:20
  2. "Cro-Magnon" (Featuring Illin P) - 3:56
  3. "Pulse Cannon" (Featuring Insight & T-Ruckus) - 3:00
  4. "Enters the Colossus" - 3:08
  5. "Avengers" (Featuring Akrobtik) - 2:56
  6. "Front on This"- 3:57
  7. "Arise" (Includes bonus track "Boston") - 10:45
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lacrosseman said...

pretty cool, ill check it out

Infernalismyo said...

checkin it out right now

Quetopia said...

I'm on this!

Xatana said...

Sweet dude, checking it out

thoff74 said...

love the album artwork

The Wired said...

lol yea the album art is awesome. I'll look into it.

sp3nny said...

great album, thank you very much!

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