Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Streets - Original Pirate Material (2002)

The Streets is actually a one man show, Mike Skinner, originated from Birmingham, England. Yeah, England. I remember when I first brought this cd back home, everybody was kinda anxious about listening to some UK hip-hop.  Now my sister is a big fan, she owns all his albums.
  1. Turn the Page
  2. Has It Come to This?
  3. Let's Push Things Forward
  4. Sharp Darts
  5. Same Old Thing
  6. Geezers Need Excitement
  7. It's Too Late
  8. Too Much Brandy
  9. Don't Mug Yourself 
  10. Who Got the Funk?
  11. The Irony of It All
  12. Weak Become Heroes 
  13. Who Dares Wins
  14. Stay Positive


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