Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tha Connection - Moon Water (2008)

Tha Connection are a group that do everything right. They make music that is deep and entertaining while canvasing it all together effortlessly. This album is extremely nice, from the lyrics right down to the smallest hi hat. Check it out.

1. Take it Higher
2. Cold Soul
3. Hibernation Remix
4. Blacklight
5. Warm Summer
6. Drumstick Remix
7. My Story
8. Classic ft. Kush Foreal
9. Theme Song of Foul Play
10. Skys
11. Zen Remix
12. Good Fella Remix
13. Realness
14. Understand Us
15. Take it Higher (Asuka Mochizuki Remix)
16. Realness Remix




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