Monday, August 17, 2009

Anita Baker - Rapture (1986)

If you are a Madlib fan you will definitely be able to identify several breaks he uses from this amazing soul album. Rapture is only 35 minutes long but is beautiful music that is truly timeless. If you are a fan of Sade or soul in general then definitely put this album on when chillin.

1. Sweet Love (4:26)
2. You Bring Me Joy (4:26)
3. Caught Up In The Rapture (5:17)
4. Been So Long (5:13)
5. Mystery (4:57)
6. No One In The World (4:07)
7. Same Ole Love (4:05)
8. Watch Your Step (4:59)




RIDES said...

Just downloaded this elsewhere actually haven't listened yet

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