Friday, August 21, 2009

Reggae Friday - Mad Professor - Afrocentric Dub: Black Liberation Dub, Chapter 5 (1999)

This is an awe inspiring dub album right here. So many crazy sounds combined with classic reggae bass rhythms. The key thing to listen for on this record is the layers. The sheer amount of layers on each track is staggering and can be somewhat of a challenge to grasp on first listen. If you are a fan of instrumental music at all then this will definitely catch your ear (if the album artwork hasn't already).

1. Black Heroes
2. Asylum Revisited*
3. Afrocentric Dub
4. Pressure Zone Dub
5. Confa Dance
6. Out Of Orbit
7. Digital Delight
8. Hard Working Dub
9. Ebonics
10. Afrocentric Dub Version 2
11. Chillout Zone
12. Version 3
13. Studio 54 Dub
14. Motor Town Dub

*This track for some reason is just silence, not sure why and sorry for the inconvenience.




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