Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mass Influence - The Underground Science (1999)

What drew me to this Georgia trio was their single "Life To The MC", which is a perfect example of pure hip hop. I mean, who doesn't like smooth production laced with pleasant rhyming? After listening to the rest of the album multiple times, I've began to treasure it. The entire CD has an underground feel to it. It's just sounds amazingly adept and effortless. It consists three emcees rhyming cipher after cipher after cipher. But the group's lyrical stability can also be its flaw since there are no surprises. Almost all the tracks sound the same. This album wasn't meant for everyone, it was more like a fun project for the trio. Although not everyone might enjoy this, you might want to give it a listen or two before rejecting it.

  1. DJ Noize (Intro)
  2. This Is The Way
  3. Under Pressure
  4. Fraudulent
  5. Space Cases
  6. Rhyme Placement
  7. Life To The MC
  8. Big Von/Massmattics
  9. Clown Syndrome
  10. Twenty 20
  11. Big Von/Life To The MC (Remix)



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