Saturday, August 29, 2009

Camille - Le Fil (2005)

I have so many albums to post, but I decided at the end to stick to my "concept" album theme and so here I am presenting you with the second album from Camille,  le Fil , that I would roughly translate as the "connecting" thread. Thanks to this album, Camille won the Victoires de la Musique - the french grammies - in 2006 for revelation and album of the year.

The album is completely "constructed" around a background buzzing/humming sound , hence the album title. Camille just plays with her voice, words (especially on the Janine skits), sounds, languages, well basically everything on this album. I love it.

  1. La jeune fille aux cheveux blancs
  2. Ta douleur
  3. Assise
  4. Janine I
  5. Vous
  6. Baby Carni Bird
  7. Pour que l'amour me quitte
  8. Janine II
  9. Vertige
  10. Senza
  11. Au port
  12. Janine III
  13. Pâle septembre
  14. Rue de Ménilmontant
  15. Quand je marche
P.S. : if you guys decide to try it out, I hope you don't have a player that insert gaps between the tracks as it would really ruin the whole "concept" of this album (cutting the "thread").


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