Friday, August 14, 2009

Reggae Friday - Hugh Mundell - Africa Must Be Free By 1983 (1978)

Hugh Mundell's life was cut short when he was tragically murdered but he left behind a legacy of inspirational and powerful music to educate your ears. He worked with the great Augustus Pablo (who is the artist on the dubs here) and produced music that will be sung for many generations. Don't sleep on this reggae album, not only is it one of the most important albums but it is also executed to perfection.

1. Let's All Unite
2. My Mind
3. Africa Must Be Free By 1983
4. Why Do Blackman Fuss And Fight
5. Book Of Life
6. Run Revolution A Come
7. Day Of Judgement
8. Jah Will Provide
9. Ital Slip
10. Unity Dub
11. Africa Dub
12. My Mind Dub
13. Western Kingston Style
14. Levi Dub
15. Revolution Dub
16. Judgement Dub
17. Sufferer Dub




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