Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dert - CMYK EP (2009)

A short, but in-depth ep based on the four colors that make up the traditional printing process; cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Each track is a synaesthetic response translating the emotions each color evokes. CMYK marks Dert's first project composing every track without the use of found samples or loops and delving deep into synth-based production. Every track features a "hook" or "refrain" buried low in the mix surrounded by a "wall of sound" created by layering keyboard parts and employing various methods of distortion. CMYK takes inspiration from the shoegaze genre of rock and artists such as My Bloody Valentine as well as the vocal stylings of J-Dilla on his track "Nothing Like This."

1. Cyan (4:24)
2. Magenta (3:55)
3. Yellow (4:50)
4. Black featuring Surreal (3:18)
5. Paper Jam (Bonus Track) (5:14)
6. Like Heaven (Bonus Bonus Track) (3:21)

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