Monday, May 18, 2009

The Loyalists - Redemption

This Frisco emcee and DJ/producer duo dropped easily one of the best albums from 2008. They have a sound that some elitists might call "real hip hop," great production and intelligent lyrics. You really should purchase this album, it isn't possible to dislike it.

The Loyalists (2008)

All songs produced by E-Train

1. Maximum
2. Gasoline
3. Third Strike
4. Machine Gun Alley
5. All In A Day's Work (feat. Louis Logic)
6. Denora Hill (feat. Melinda Wiggins)
7. Endurance (feat. Aztexts)
8. Sunday School
9. Loyal Therapy
10. Compatible Opposites (feat. Planet Asia)
11. Impulsive Wandering

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Tasha said...

Really, really, really dope. This album is extremely good. Start to finish, such a solid album, both beat wise and lyric wise.

Bushdoctor420 said...

Love this album, simply incredible production

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