Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mr. Nemo - Nemomusic (2009)

Great producer album from Mr. Nemo. All guest emcees with excellent production that flows from one track to the next. This doesnt sound like a typical producer compilation album but more in the vein of a focused artistic effort.

1. Instroduction
2. American Music Theatre Ft Himself
3. Not Yet Ft Z-Man
4. I'll Be Around Ft Sunspot Jonz
5. Nemomusic
6. On The Sidewalk Ft Kruse
7. Band Aid Ft Heard
8. Liars and Cheats Ft Bicasso
9. So Pretentious Ft Kruse
10. Do What We Do Ft Himself
11. Emilys Song
12. Submerge Ft 2mex
13. Music Is My Heart
14. Wrong Wit Ya Ft Moka Only
15. Shes Serious Ft Anacron

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