Friday, May 15, 2009

C-BO - Tales From The Crypt (1995)

Classic gangster shit from C-BO right here. Production is ridiculously awesome and C-BO tops it off with some dope ass rhymes. By the way those 2 tracks are screwed by our very own friend so definitely check them out.

1. Jackin And Assassin
2. Murder That He Ritt
3. Free Style (feat. Mississippi)
4. Hard Core
5. Want To Be A G
6. Stompin' In My Steel (feat. Marvaless)
7. Birds In The Kitchen
8. 187 Dance
9. Groovin On Sunday "Radio"
10. Who Ride (feat. Snap)
11. Take It How You Want Too (feat. Marvaless)
12. Ain't No Sunshine (feat. Tuna Bug)
13. Want To Be A G (Screwed by SilentWaria)
14. Ain't No Sunshine (Screwed by SilentWaria)




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