Saturday, May 9, 2009

K.B. & Lil' Flea - A Frightening Portrait Of The World In A Violent Time

K.B. Da Kidnappa and Lil' Flea are a duo from Houston's Street Military. This is the Out of Print version of Blood & Tears which was released a year later on a different label with one less track. The album is very hard and aggressive with great produced from T-Mix with help from Scarface & MJG on a couple tracks.

X-Bam Records (1997)

Produced by T-Mix

1. Intro
2. Dangerouz (feat. Papa Reu)
3. Killaz On the Trigga (feat. Klondike Kat & Pharaoh)
4. Cold World (feat. Klondike Kat & Ronnie Spencer)
5. Witness Da Rhyme
6. WKB & Flea
7. Get Paid
8. Vendetta (feat. Icey Hott)
9. Jack Move
10. Blood and Tears
11. The Dope
12. Knock, Knock
13. Death at My Door
14. Soldiers At War (feat. Malek & Pharaoh)
15. End of the World
16. It's All Over (feat. Papa Reu)

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