Monday, May 11, 2009

Young M.C. - Stone Cold Rhymin' (1989)

I was honestly surprised at how bangin this album is. It's 1989 hip-hop so some tracks do sound a bit dated. "Bust a Move" is still the classic that we all know and love and it hasn't aged a bit. "Know How" is actually my favorite song on the album, sampling the Shaft theme song and Young MC tears that shit up. He's got an excellent style and flow, really quick paced delivery and he rolls his Rs in verses real smooth lol. Definitely an underrated rapper who's probably still only known for "Bust a Move". Worth at least a few listens and "Bust a Move" and "Know How" should be in everybody's collection.
  1. "I Come Off"
  2. "Principal's Office"
  3. "Bust a Move"
  4. "Non Stop"
  5. "Fastest Rhyme" (M. Young)
  6. "My Name Is Young" (M. Young/M. Dike)
  7. "Know How" (M. Young/J. King/M. Simpson)
  8. "Roll With The Punches"
  9. "I Let 'Em Know"
  10. "Pick Up The Pace" (M. Young/M. Dike)
  11. "Got More Rhymes" (M. Young/M. Dike/J. King/M. Ross)
  12. "Stone Cold Buggin'" (M. Young/M. Dike)
  13. "Just Say No" (M. Young/Q. Jones Jr.)



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