Monday, June 15, 2009

Alucard - Watch Them Fall (2008)

Alucard is an emcee from Brooklyn who is known for doing artwork for numerous artists. This album caught my eye because of its interesting cover. After a handful of listens, I have to say I'm amazed. I think one of the best ways to describe this album and Alucard's style is a mixture of the raw lyricism of Immortal Technique, the aggressive flow of Vinnie Paz, and the and the enticing production of Stoupe (the Enemy of Mankind). Alucard and his barrage of cameos hit HARD. There are many standout tracks, from the alluring We The Ones (ft. IDE) to the gloomy Life Threatening (ft. DJ Jedi), in which the DJ goes on a nearly 3 minute rant about the ills of living. This album is clearly haunting, and probably only fans of horrorcore can truly appreciate this masterpiece.

  1. Intro ft. DJ Jedi
  2. Stealth Bomber ft. DJ Jedi
  3. We the Ones ft. IDE
  4. Rainy Soul ft. Destruments
  5. Poison Tester
  6. Utopias
  7. Oh No
  8. Walk In the Park ft. IDE & Midaz
  9. Life Threatening Interlude ft. DJ Jedi
  10. Vendetta
  11. What They Gone Say ft. L.I.F.E. Long
  12. Poetry in Motion
  13. Clear Face Mask ft. IDE & Critical
  14. Full of Hate
  15. Octane ft. Savkillz, L.I.F.E Long & IDE
  16. Dream of Life ft. Savage Messiah & L.I.F.E Long
  17. Don't Get ft. IDE
  18. Best of Short Cuts 1-3
  19. Altitude ft. Savage Messiah
  20. Order of the Dragon ft. Deep, L.I.F.E Long, Relz & IDE
  21. Ditmas ft. IDE
  22. Daisy Cutters
  23. Smiley Face Killers


Attack_on_Babylon said...

Good album (so far). For some reason, the album reminds me a lot of Mobb Deep's The Infamous. It must be the dark beats, which are pretty nice.

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