Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Grip Grand - Brokelore (2008)

Grip Grand updates west coast sounds from the '80s, and as the title implies he's basically writing folk songs about people without comfy cash. On the mic and the boards, Grip Grand is consistent and entertaining, though perhaps not always original. He does have his high points though, like his line about 50 inch rims. Both high profile guests are worth hearing, also, so its a bonus for fans of either artist and the kind of cosigns some will be able to get behind. I personally love the beat for "Poppin' Pockets", but I can see it wearing on some people.

Produced by Grip Grand & DJ Design.

1|Showtime (That's Entertainment)
2|Hip-Hop Classic
3|Win the War
5|Handle That
6|But Anyway
7|Paper Cup (feat. Percee P)
8|Love / Drama
9|A Penny (feat. Richie Cunning)
10|96 Tears [MF Shalem's Talk About It Mix]
11|Out of Service
12|Poppin' Pockets [Remix] (feat. A.G.)
13|Mr. Versatility
14|Remember the Time (feat. Darondo)

[Look Records]



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