Friday, June 26, 2009

Reggae Friday - Mighty Diamonds - I Need A Roof (1976)

The Mighty Diamonds are one of my favorite reggae groups ever and I usually listen to this album on repeat. This was originally released in 1976 and entitled When The Right Time Come/ I Need A Roof and was on vinyl. Then it was rereleased in 2006 under the title I Need A Roof. They have some of the greatest voices in all of reggae and sing some of the most inspirational love songs ever recorded.

1. Right Time
2. Why Me Black Brother Why
3. Shame And Pride
4. Gnashing Of Teeth
5. Them Never Love Poor Marcus
6. I Need A Roof
7. Go Seek Your Rights
8. Have Mercy
9. Natural Natty
10. Africa




Melody Nelson said...

Me likey. It's been a long time I hadn't listen to some reggae, relax and peace man! lol

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