Sunday, June 7, 2009

Freddie Gibbs - The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs [Mixtape] (2009)

Earlier I was telling a couple friends Freddie Gibbs might symbolize a fusion of Tupac's Thug Life lyricism with Biggie's penchant for smooth good times and East Coast delivery. Then I was ready to take that back after finding out he's been around a while, only to then find out Tupac is his main I say he succeeds. In fact, these exact comparisons are made in a blurb posted to his myspace page's background. So, I guess you could say he leaves a very exact, universal impression. And he got a great Devin the Dude feature, which has to count for something. This guy just does real rap. His story is common and ripe for exploration, especially with Freddie opting to tell it like it has been rather than sugar coat his post-college life with hyperbole and big numbers. He has an undeniable combination of influences and similarities that makes him instantly entertaining and listenable when given a microphone.

1|G.I. Pride (Produced by Just Blaze)
2|What It B Like (Produced by Polow da Don)
3|From tha G (Freestyle #1)
4|Keep It Pimpin' (Produced by Megahertz)
5|Neverending Cycle (Produced by J.R. Rotem)
7|Flamboyant (Freestyle #2)
8|Close Your Eyes (Produced by Tycoon)
9|In My Hood (Produced by J.R. Rotem)
10|Summa Dis (Produced by Finger Roll)
11|Stray (feat. Devin the Dude) (Produced by Devin the Dude)
12|How We Do ('93 Til Freestyle #3) (Produced by A-Plus)
13|Goodies (feat. Black Flint) (Produced by Josh the Goon)
14|4 da Streets (Freestyle #4)
15|It's About to Be (Produced by Needlz)
16|World So Cold (Freestyle #5)

Props to TSS for the release.


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