Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mars ILL - Raw Material (2001)

Mars Ill is a duo of the emcee manCHILD and DJ Dust. Simply put, their debut album Raw Material is majestic. DJ Dust's extraordinary turn table and sampling skills will leave you shocked and bewildered. ManChild's style is difficult to describe. He showcases his lyrical dexterity on damn near every single track. He can go from talking about love (Love's Not) to just tearing tracks apart (Mars Ill), while inserting a little social commentary here and there. This album is definently worth over an hour of your time.

  1. Mars ILL
  2. Sphere of Hip-Hop
  3. We'll Live Underground
  4. Black Market
  5. Love's Not
  6. Monotone
  7. Unsound
  8. Send A Man
  9. Compound Fractures
  10. Rap Fans
  11. Sounds of Music
  12. Who Will Answer?
  13. Indulgent Instrumental #1
  14. Try Again
  15. Touch and Go
  16. Indulgent Instrumental #2
  17. Sphere of Hip-Hop (original)
  18. Fade to Black
  19. The Abolition of manCHILD


Sphere of Hip-Hop said...

Sphere of Hip-Hop still has copies of the original issue with slightly different tracks. They also have the above version as well on CD.

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