Sunday, June 7, 2009

Diamond D - Hatred, Passions And Infidelity

I know all of you have heard Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop (AND IF YOU HAVEN'T SHAME ON YOUR FUCKING ASS). This is the follow-up to that fantastic debut album and it is on the level. Production is ridiculous and Diamond shows just how damn good he is. The most notable track here is the awesome posse cut "5 Fingas Of Death" with his fellow D.I.T.C. brethren where they rip it up like your mother wouldn't understand.

1. Intro (feat. Kid Capri)
2. Flowin' (feat. John Dough)
3. MC Iz My Ambition (feat. Don Barron)
4. No Wonduh (The Projects)
5. The Hiatus
6. J.D.'s Revenge (feat. John Dough & Gina Thomspon)
7. Painz & Strife (feat. Pete Rock & Phife Dawg)
8. Can't Keep My Grands To Myself (feat. Mark-Lo & Paradise)
9. 5 Fingas Of Death (feat. Fat Joe, Big L, Lord Finess & A.G.)
10. This One (feat. Busta Rhymes)
11. Never (feat. Sadat X & K. Terroribul)
12. Cream N Sunshine (feat. Veronica)
13. Gather Round
14. K.T. (feat. K. Terroibul)
15. On Stage (feat. K. Terroribul & John Dough)
16. Epilogue



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