Sunday, June 7, 2009

Killer Mike - I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind, Vol. 2 (2008)

Killer Mike's output in 2008 represents everything Nas' Untitled should have been. Completely unafraid to be honest with himself, Killer Mike plays a brilliant dual role between the too-calm, too-collected crack philosophy of Clipse and the awkward, intense explorations of ghetto politics that were once Ice Cube's bread and butter. Nas flirted with a lot of token touchy subjects like society as slavery, blacks in positions of power, stereotypes and media brainwashing. But he did it all from the altar of Nas, atop glistening mountains of synths and Def Jam-circa 2008isms. Killer Mike doesn't pull these punches. When he brags about his riches, he goes on to explain why he feels like he should brag about them. When he notices things that are wrong in his neighborhoods, he talks about what should be done about them. He takes Young Jeezy's mantra of thug motivation and actually puts it to use, urging anyone who listens to this album from the very first track to be more than you think you are. I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind, Vol. II is an incredibly powerful album that, like human beings, struggles through the balancing act of selfishness and selflessness, conscious and gangsta, edutainment and the cool.

(Produced by Brandon Bailey & Tec Beatz)
2|10 G's (Produced by Young Sears)
3|Can You Hear Me (Produced by CKP)
4|2 Sides (feat. Shawty Lo) (Produced by Wonder Allo)
5|Pressure (feat. Ice Cube) (Produced by Tha Bizness)
6|Big Money, Big Cars (feat. Chamillionaire and Messy Marv) (Produced by Cutmaster Swiff)
7|God in the Building (Produced by The Cancer & Kidz With Machine Gunz)
8|Super Clean / Super Hard (feat. 8Ball & MJG) (Produced by Tyrice Jones)
9|Woke Up This Mornin' (Produced by Chris Crak)
10|Bang! (Produced by CKP)
11|Grandma's House (Produced by X.P.)
12|If I Can't Eat Right (feat. Gangsta Pill and Rochelle Fox) (Produced by Young Sears)
13|I Gotcha (Produced by Smiff & Cash)
14|I'm the Shit!!! (Produced by B Don)
15|Can You Buy That (feat. Rock D) (Produced by Drugs)
16|You See It (feat. S.L. Jones) (Produced by Tec Beatz)
17|Good-Bye (City of Dope) (Produced by Malay)



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