Monday, June 29, 2009

DMG - Rigormortiz

This is the long OOP debut of Minnesota rapper DMG. As with most early Rap-A-Lot albums this does not have individual production credits, but the producer list looks similar to most RAL albums of time and the beats have a rugged g-funk sound to them. DMG drops his unqiue style of rough street rhymes that compliment the beats well. Check out this overlooked classic.

Rap-A-Lot Records (1993)

Produced by N.O. Joe, Mike Dean, John Bido, Big Chief & Scarface

1. Intro (feat. Bushwick Bill)
2. You Don't Hear Me Doe
3. Prelude to a Murdah (feat. Cozy-K)
4. One In the Chamba
5. Pure Dope, No Cut
6. Kiss Yourself Good Bye Bye
7. I Ain't Bullshitting
8. Prison Riot
9. Pay The Cost
10. Psycho
11. I Don't Shit You
12. Rest In Peace (feat. Big Mike)
13. Send Em Smooth
14. Behind The Wall
15. Buck Em Down (feat. 2-Low, Mr. 3-2, 5th Ward Boyz, Big Mike & Scarface)
16. Outro



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