Friday, June 12, 2009

Black Moon - Enta Da Stage (1993)

Since I have nothing to do, I guess I'll keep these coming. Black Moon's sound can be described as downtempo and gritty. I think the main reason I like this album is because of the jazz samples. Lyrically, they narrate about the usual 'gangsta' braggadocio, violence, and weed. But I think that the production separates this album from others. The sampling is pretty incredible on many tracks (Niguz Talk Sh*t is a great example). Maybe not everyone will enjoy this, but I think that fans of groups like Organized Konfusion can truly appreciate this.

  1. Powaful Impak!
  2. Niguz Talk Sh*t
  3. Who Got da Props?
  4. Ack Like You Want It
  5. Buck Em Down
  6. Black Smif-n-Wessun
  7. Son Get Wrec
  8. Make Munne
  9. Slave
  10. I Got Cha Opin
  11. Sh*t Iz Real
  12. Enta Da Stage
  13. How Many MC's
  14. U da Man


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