Sunday, December 21, 2008

187 Fac - Fac Not Fiction

I think the saying don't judge a book by its cover holds true here. This is the duo's second album which is out of print, its a nice G-funk album out of the bay area.

Penalty Records (1997)

1. Tha Frontline (Produced by Ephriam Galloway & Ivan Johnson)
2. Peer Pressure (Produced by Ant Banks)
3. Fac Not Fiction (feat. D Tha Poet) (Produced by Ant Banks)
4. Tool In Tha Kut (Produced by Ant Banks)
5. Faulty Characteristics (feat. Ant Banks) (Produced by Ant Banks)
6. All Head No Body (feat. B-Legit, Big Lurch, Gangsta P, Spice 1 & Vidal) (Produced by Mike Mosley)
7. Graphic (Produced by Ant Banks)
8. 2 Geez (feat. Almon D, Captain Save 'Em & Frank J) (Produced by Payback)
9. Man In the Mirror (Produced by Mike Mosley)
10. Ride Wit' Me (Produced by Payback)
11. Parkin' Lot Pimpin' (feat. Frank J) (Produced by Xtra Large)
12. Fac Nic (feat. Almon D & Frank J (Produced by Payback)
13. Paul Masson (feat. Xtra Large) (Produced by Xtra Large)


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