Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation (2008)

It was the poster i got inside of this album that inspired the name for the blog, i wish I could put up a pic but my camera won't connect to my computer so oh well. Anyways here is the album that the name of our blog is from. Its kinda hard to describe Thievery because they switch it up on every album but this one I would call it reggae/electronic. Just give it a listen, especially if you're a Thievery Corporation fan and haven't heard this yet.

1. Sound The Alarm
2. Mandala
3. Radio Retaliation
4. Vampires
5. Hare Krisna
6. El Pueblo Unido
7. The Forgotten People
8. 33 Degree
9. Beautiful Drug
10. La Femme Parallel
11. Retaliation Suite
12. The Numbers Game
13. The Shining Path
14. Blasting Through The City
15. Sweet Tides




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