Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lunasicc - A Million Words, A Million Dollars

Sacramento rapper Lunasicc's sophomore album features the usual artists and production that most AWOL releases are known for; Dark mobbin g-funkish beats with hard gangster raps on top.

AWOL Records (1998)

1. We Ride (feat. Killa Tay, 151, Huccabucc, Lil Ric & Marvaless) (Produced by Andy)
2. Too Much On It (feat. Killa Tay & Mississippi) (Produced by One Drop Scott & D-Wiz)
3. You Created Me (feat. Killa Tay, 151 & C-Bo) (Produced by John Silva & Mike Wango)
4. Stickly Business (feat. Killa Tay) (Produced by Killa Tay)
5. Cheddar Chasin' (Produced by B.C.)
6. Wicced Intentions (feat. Killa Tay, K.J. & Lil Ric) (Produced by Andy)
7. 12:00 (Produced by Andy)
8. Bacc To Bacc (feat. Killa Tay, Laroo & Pizzo) (Produced by DJ Darryl)
9. A Million Words, A Million Dollars (Produced by Pizzo)
10. Gangstas Make Da World Go Round feat. C-Bo, Steady Mobbin & Mississippi) (Produced by DJ Darryl)
11. Dangerous (Produced by Killa Tay & B.C.)
12. Can You Hang? (feat. Killa Tay & Agerman) (Produced by One Drop Scott)
13. Pay Style Flows (feat. Lil Ric) (Produced by Andy)
14. Creepin' Wit My Mask On (feat. Killa Tay) (Produced by Killa Tay)
15. True To Da Game (feat. Probable Cauze & K.J.) (Produced by Killa Tay)
16. We Hit 'Em Up (Produced by Pizzo)




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