Monday, December 22, 2008

Criminal Elament - Undaground Railroad

Out of print southern G-Funk group with Ice Water Slaughter of the Trinity Garden Cartel. The synths on this album sound very dirty, not the whiny synths found in alot of west coast G-Funk beats.

Dead Game Records (1996)

All songs produced by BLO-1 & Knee-Hi

1. Intro
2. G-State of Mind
3. Children of Destruction (feat. Timothy Lewis)
4. If You Only Knew (feat. Darlene Hagan)
5. Livin' Hell
6. Underground Railroad (feat. Tiger)
7. Can't Fade It
8. Life
9. With or Without You (feat. Cleveland Raspberry)
10. Lockdown
11. Dazed & Confused (feat. Cleveland Raspberry)
12. Have Mercy (feat. Cleveland Raspberry)
13. Picc Tha 5th
14. Terrorfied Screams
15. End of the World (feat. B-Down, Blackdocious, Ghetto Red, Left Hand Killa, Red Dog & Trigga)




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