Sunday, December 7, 2008

C-BO - Til My Casket Drops

If you have a ton of big face hundred dollar bills how much money would you have? If every hundred dollar weights a gram, and there's 28 grams in an ounce, 16 ounces in a pound, how many pounds is it in a ton?

Another AWOL release, and arguably C-Bo's best. This is a classic album that everybody should own in one form or another. Hopefully you can stand E-40 for 36 bars, other than that you shouldn't put any wear on your fast forward button.

AWOL Records (1998)

1. Ride Til' We Die (feat. 151 & Mob Figgaz) (Produced by B.C.)
2. Deadly Game (written by X-Raided) (Produced One Drop Scott)
3. Major Pain & Mr. Bossalini (feat. Spice 1) (Produced by JT The Bigga Figga)
4. Money By The Ton (feat. Mississippi) (Produced by DJ Darryl)
5. 40 & C-Bo (feat. E-40) (Produced by Rick Rock)
6. Hard Labor (feat. Outlaw Immortals) (Produced by Mike Mosley)
7. Raised In Hell (feat. Big Syke) (Produced by Mike Mosley)
8. Can We All Ball (feat. Killa Tay & JT The Bigga Figga) (Produced by JT The Bigga Figga)
9. Desperado Outlaws (Produced by Femi)
10. Real Niggas (feat. Mob Figgaz) (Produced by Studio Ton)
11. Professional Ballers (feat. Marvaless, Pizzo, Mac Mall, JT The Bigga Figga & Killa Tay) (Produced by Rick Rock)
12. Big Gangsta (feat. Laroo, Lil Ric & Mob Figgaz) (Produced by B.C.)
13. All I Ever Wanted (feat. Lunasicc & 151) (Produced by Studio Ton)
14. Boo Yow! (Produced by One Drop Scott)
15. No Pain No Gain (feat. Lunasicc & Laroo) (Produced by One Drop Scott)
16. Til My Casket Drops (Produced by One Drop Scott)
17. 357 (Produced by One Drop Scott)




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