Sunday, December 14, 2008

Average White Band - AWB

This album is funky as hell, solidsnake put me on to this group and this album is amazing. I was really diggin this album for a while, then I listened to it when I was tripping and it became a fuckin masterpiece lol. You don't need any mushrooms to enjoy this though, it's straight classic funk, mixed with bits of rock, soul, perhaps even jazz. Again, so many rap songs have sampled this album.

Everyone has heard "Pick Up the Pieces", you'll realize that like 5 seconds in, but my favorite song on the album is "Work to Do".

  1. "You Got It" (Ball/Gorrie/Stuart)
  2. "Got the Love" (Ball/McIntosh/Stuart)
  3. "Pick Up The Pieces" (Average White Band/Ball/Stuart)
  4. "Person to Person" (Average White Band/Gorrie/Stuart)
  5. "Work to Do" (Isley/Isley/Isley)
  6. "Nothing You Can Do"
  7. "Just Wanna Love You Tonight" (Ball/Gorrie)
  8. "Keepin' It to Myself" (Gorrie)
  9. "I Just Can't Give You Up" (Stuart)
  10. "There's Always Someone Waiting" (Gorrie)




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