Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bushwick Bill - Phantom of the Rapra

This is a classic album, check it out and be amazed. After being amazed proceed to purchase it. Not quite as aggressive as the earlier Geto Boys material, but this stands tall next to them.

Rap-A-Lot Records (1995)

1. Phantom's Theme (Produced by John Bido & Mike Dean)
2. Wha Cha Gonna Do? (Produced by John Bido & Mike Dean)
3. Times is Hard (Produced by CJ Mac)
4. Who's the Biggest (Produced by CJ Mac)
5. Ex-Girlfriend (Produced by John Bido & Mike Dean)
6. Only God Knows (Produced by CJ Mac)
7. Already Dead (Produced by Swift)
8. The Bushwicken (Produced by John Bido & Mike Dean)
9. Subliminal Criminal (Produced by Mike Dean)
10. Inhale Exhale (Produced by Swift)
11. Mr. President (Produced by Freddie Young)
12. Phantom's Reprise (Produced by John Bido & Mike Dean)




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