Saturday, January 10, 2009

Organized Konfusion - Stress: The Extinction Agenda (1994)

This one's for Pistol, fantastic fucking album dude. I'm pretty sure Solid first put me on to this one, and I was lucky to find it in my local used CD store. The whole album's great, Monch and Po just tear these beats the hell up, both got crazy flows. Everyone always talks about Monch but Po def holds his own. Favorite lines are Monch with "I'm the man with the gift of the gab" and Po with "Just to get the job done". Nothing really special about those lines lyrically but it's how they flow them that is so amazing. Enjoy.

1. Intro 2:03
2. Stress 4:03
3. The Extinction Agenda 3:59
4. Thirteen 3:54
5. Black Sunday 3:13
6. Drop Bombs 1:35
7. Bring It On 3:16
8. Why 4:10
9. Let's Organize 4:21
10. 3-2-1 3:26
11. Keep It Koming 3:58
12. Stray Bullet 3:44
13. Maintain 4:20




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