Thursday, January 8, 2009

K-Rino - Stories From the Black Book

The south's original lyricist, and founder of the South Park Coalition. This is an excellent album with an older feel too it, but doesn't sound outdated. K-Rino is a complete emcee.

Electric City Records (1993)

All songs produced by K-Rino except track 8

1. Intro
2. Step Into the Mind
3. Tied In (feat. A.C. Chill, Ganksta NIP & Dope-E)
4. Four Dimensions of a Universe
5. Never Give A Freak
6. Children of the Concrete (feat. K.O.)
7. Creator of Life
8. The Basketball Song (Produced by Egypt E)
9. Goin' to da Clinic
10. Stories From the Black Book (feat. Dope-E)
11. Death of a Politician
12. You Created a Montsa
13. Cartoon Orgie
14. S.L.I.P.
15. Ultimate Flow
16. Choose Ya Weapon (feat. Point Blank, Ganksta NIP, Murder One & Da Behold)
17. War in South Park




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