Sunday, January 11, 2009

Samurai Champloo - Impression (2004)

This album is one of the soundtracks for the popular anime show Samurai Champloo and the songs are handled by the great Nujabes, Fat Jon and Force of Nature. Great jazzy/vibe music that goes on and on(in a good way). The amazon link has a great deal for this import as well with it only being $11.

1. just forget
2. nightshift
3. Hiji Zuru STYLE
4. the stroll
5. set it off
6. death wish
7. the million way of drum
8. a space in air in space in air[interlude]
9. sanctuary ship
10. haiku[interlude
11. tsurugi no mai
12. dead season
13. decade[interlude]
14. world without word
15. kodama[interlude]
16. silver morning
17. bracelet
18. in position
19. night out
20. not quite seleah
21. labyrinth statistic
22. here and there
23. Who's Theme

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