Sunday, January 11, 2009

Celly Cel - Killa Kali

Celly Cel's sophomore album is an improvement over his first. G-Funk out of Vallejo, straight from the west coast's heyday. Great production as expected and Celly has a "great gangsta flow."

Jive Records (1995)

1. Round 2 (Produced by Ken Franklin)
2. What U Niggaz Thought (Produced by Kevin Gardner)
3. 4 Tha Scrilla (feat. E-40 & B-Legit) (Produced by Sean T)
4. It's Going Down (Produced by Tone Capone)
5. Can't Tell Me Shit (Produced by Ken Franklin)
6. Bullet (Produced by Ken Franklin)
7. Red Rum (feat. Spice 1) (Produced by Ken Franklin)
8. Skanlezz Call (Produced by Ken Franklin)
9. Skanlezz Azz Butcher (Produced by Emgee)
10. Remember Where You Came From (Produced by Kevin Gardner)
11. Killa Kali (Produced by Ken Franklin)
12. Playerizm (Produced by Studio Ton)
13. Funk Season (Produced by Ken Franklin)




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