Sunday, January 11, 2009

Samurai Champloo - Departure (2004)

The first half of this album is Nujabes and the second is Fat Jon so that makes for an inspiring listen. This is my favorite of the soundtrack series of the show Samurai Champloo with Impression coming in a close second. I highly recommend this and the Amazon link has an incredible deal for this import only album of $13. Get yours before they run out.

1. Battlecry feat. Shing02
2. The Space Between Two World
3. Aruarian Dance
4. Kujaku
5. Mystline
6. 1st Samurai
7. Ole
8. 624 Part2
9. Genome
10. No Way Back
11. Funkin'
12. Stay
13. Chambers
14. Ask
15. How You Feel
16. 624 Part1
17. Song of Four Seasons feat. MINMI

Amazon(This is an incredible deal)



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