Sunday, January 11, 2009

Danger Mouse & Jemini - Ghetto Pop Life (2005)

An instant classic that missed its moment. Jem's acrobatic style of emceeing is one of the most original and refreshing flows to grace rap, causing one to wonder why he never materialized beyond underground status after he first emerged back in the early '90s. Often profound, sometimes copious, always inventive, Jemini plays games with words, and his style is always distinctive. Danger Mouse's production is, for lack of a better world, epic. From funk, jazz, rock, etc, the textures, and layers in GPL are a wonder to hear. The production on this album probably won't be bettered for years to come.

1. Born-A-MC
2. Ghetto Pop Life Intro
3. Ghetto Pop Life
4. Omega Supreme
5. What U Sittin' On - (featuring Tha Liks)
6. The Only One
7. Take Care of Business - (featuring J-Zone)
8. That Brooklyn Shit
9. Yoo-Hoo!
10. Copy Cats - (featuring Prince Po)
11. Don't Do Drugs
12. Medieval - (featuring The Pharcyde)
13. Bush Boys
14. Here We Go Again
15. I'ma Doomee [Love Letter]
16. Knuckle Sandwich
18. The Shit
19. Ghetto Pop Life II




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