Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sharkey & C-Rayz Walz Are...Monster Maker (2007)

Sharkey and C-Rayz Walz prove unequivocally that you don't need to release a 22-plus track album to rock the party hard. A streamlined album with 12 tracks of uncut killer is worth two in the bush of over-stuffed filler. By eliminating the need to fast-forward this, the duo has reclaimed the rap album mantle from the stifling world of chart topping singles and secondary hits. Furthermore, they've managed to combine the tightest elements of electro-beat, real soul, and turgid rap litany into a cohesive blend of next level soniference that'll melt the wax in your ears.

1. Birth Of Ratto Di Laboratorio
2. This Ol' Twisted World

3. My Way
4. Pain To the Picture
5. Jumping Off At the Jump Off
6. Electric Avenue
7. Might She Shoot
8. We Speak Animal
9. Forgotten
10. Loss Of Niche
11. That Moment Before Crazy (feat. Vast Aire)
12. Slim Chances




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